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Sunday, February 19, 2012

MVotD - Sonny Rhodes - The Ballad Of Serenity

I get goosebumps literally every time that I hear it.

Well, That's Lin-sensitive

So, like, how many people must have approved this before it made it was posted?  Like a lot.  ;-j


Word Of the Day - "Brett Favre"

Pretty Girl 02.19.12 - Rebecca Hazlewood

I don't think that Outsorced is coming back, so we'll explore my Indianess fantasy for no reason. ;-j

Tribe Prospect Countdown: #2 SS Tony Wolters

5'10", 165 lbs, 20 in 2012
Bats: Left; Throws: Right

2011 Stats (SS-A Mahoning Valley): .292, HR, 20 RBI, 19/23 SB, .748 OPS, 1.63 K/BB

The more that I read about Tony, the more that I read the phrase "left-handed Dustin Pedroia."  Sign me up!  While Wolters lacks a highlight skill, he is pretty damn good at just about everything.  The bat-to-ball contact is certainly there, evidenced by his BA and K/BB.  Although this 2010 3rd rounder has only slightly above average speed, his highly developed baserunning instincts led to that 83% success rate and 19 steals in just 69 games (broken hamate bone in spring training).  Similar to Pedroia, he is a work in progress, but Tony equally adept at yanking the ball down the right field line and driving it into the left center field gap.  As his frame fills out from off-season condition, the power will come.  His arm is, again, only average, but Wolters consistently puts himself in good position while fielding the ball, thus maximizing the effect of his throw.  Ultimately it's not going to matter.  Blocked by Asdrubal Cabrera in front and our #1 from behind, Tony seems destined to play second base just like Pedroia.  Defensively, he is much more of a natural than Jason Kipnis, who Baseball America projects as a DH down the road.  Earmarked as a prototype #2 hitter, Wolters is also adept at such lost arts as bunting and pushing the ball to the right side.  Keep an eye out, when Tony makes The Show, he will be there to stay for a very long time.

Up Next: #1 - SS Francisco Lindor