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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just In From the Desert

The Indians lost a hard fought contest to Angels as Ubaldo Jimenez (2 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 0-2, 9.00) and Josh Tomlin (3 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 7.20) both got knocked around.

Hot CornerLonnie Chisenhall (.429) started, batted twice, struck out, walked, and scored a run.

#5Jeanmar Gomez took the baton down the stretch and continued his scoreless streak with clean innings (2 H, 2 BB, K) in the 7th and 8th.  I'm allowed to root for whomever I want and I'm pulling for Jeanmar.

Left Of CenterShelley Duncan (.300) was your left fielder today.  He did nothing, going 0-for-3.   Felix Pie (.125) came off the bench in center and went 0-for-2.  It's important to remember that if Pie earns the starting spot or a bench role, it will be because of his defense and he will play primarily center.  His career rTot/yr (runs saved per season) in center is +18.  That's better than Kenny Lofton, Paul Blair, Willie Mays or anyone else you can name.  To put it in plain English, he's a Gold Glove caliber center fielder.  In left field, the number is a sub-par -3.  That means he costs the team runs when he plays left.  You know who doesn't cost the team runs in left?  Shelley Duncan, who sports a career rTot/yr of +2 in left.  I keep reading that the Indians want an offense/defense mix from the left fielder and other options like Aaron Cunningham (career 0 rTot/yr) & Ryan Spilborghs (-10!) offer more production in the field.  Bullshit.  I'll give you Fred Lewis (+8) for defense, but there's no way that his D offsets the discrepancy with the bat between him and Duncan.  The next time you read something that an "Indians insider" tells you, check out the numbers before you believe it.  And if you're one of those people who thinks the eye test is a better gauge of fielding, remember how well Matt LaPorta hits the ball in batting practice.

Somewhere Out There:  Cunningham (.375) got the start in right.  He singled and scored a run, but is still without an extra base hit.  Both Spilborghs (.000, twice) and Chad Huffman (.000, once) struck out in their only plate appearances.  Ezequiel Carrera (.333) led off in center and, after fanning his first two times, brought home a pair with a 5th inning single.  Russ Canzler (.300) went 1-for-4 with a run scored, but struck out to end the game with the tying run on second base.

Bench Me:  I'll say it again, I've got a feeling about former all-star Jose Lopez (.667).  JoLo came in half way through to relieve Chisnehall at third.  He proceeded to launch a 2-run dong in the 6th.  He has certainly vaulted himself into consideration should Jack Hannahan win the third base job (otherwise, it's said that Jack will be a "utility infielder."  Don't ask me).

Mightier Than the Sword:  Uhh, like none of these dudes pitched today.  Although I was told that Hector Ambriz is not in competition for a bullpen role, I do not believe it (see left field defense).

Check in with Tribe again tomorrow @ 3:05p when they travel to Maryvale to battle the Brew Crew.

Pretty Girl 03.08.12 - Amber Tamblyn

The fact that she's engaged to David Cross gives us all hope of snagging a dime piece.

Royals Blues (Or "Are You Sayin' Superman Can't Hit A Curveball?"

Well, KC may have 5 top 100 prospects, plus Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Alex Gordon, etc, but they do not have Kal-El at AA.  So.... it's gonna be worse than this.