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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Quest Called Tribe

In stark contrast to this time last season, there seems to be little reason to celebrate an Indians' victory.  Despite the fact that the Tribe exploded for 7 first inning runs (with Michael Brantley collecting twice as many hits in single frame as he had accumulated thus far in the season), despite the fact that Derek Lowe is 2-0 with 1.98 ERA, even despite the fact that Captain Jack Hannahan is batting .316 with a team leading 5 RBI; the team looks destined for worse than the mediocrity of status quo, they seem on a collision course with petulant failure. 

Am I pleased that Shelly Duncan's excuse me check swing kept the first alive or that the combination of the KC jet stream and Jarrod Dyson's poor route to the ball translated into a triple for Jason Kipnis?  Hell yeah I am.  Does every Indians' win flow through me like a breath of oxygen to a drowning man?  Of course.  Regardless, the team is floundering and sorely lacking in any direction.

With the Clippers once again playing well, begged is the question - what does it mean to have a hapless Major League team with a dominant subordinate at AAA?  It means this my friends: the organization is populated by marginal players.  Like it or not, we are the team that will have an All-Star only because we must.

Somewhere Ken Harvey is smiling.  It's good to play the Royals.  Heck, the Tribe's O is almost to Mendoza!


Pretty Girl Update! - Ashley Tisdale

I guess Ash finally got my numerous memorandums suggesting she pose lewdly in a great state of undress.  Awesome.

A Quest Called Tribe

Thinking of splitting the baseball coverage away from the rest of my nonsense.  Who digs the banner?


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Pretty Girl 04.13.12 - Michelle Pierce

Currently the very definition of "she's too cute for you" on NCIS, she was also in Transformers.  Who knew?