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Energy just always changes state and I refuse to believe that human consciousness is the sole exception to this universal law."
- Mark Millar
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just In From the Desert

Honestly, I don't know how the soccer fans do it.  A sporting event ending in a tie is just unnatural.  Two in a row is almost more than I can handle.

Hot CornerThe Chiz Kid (.235) continued a tough skid striking out in all three of his at-bats.  Chisenhall is now 1-for-his-last-9 with 5 Ks.  Jack Hannahan is clearly in the lead here.

#5:  Don't tell me that Scottie Barnes is not in the race for the fifth starter spot.  Barnes tossed three more scoreless innings today (7 for the spring with 5 H, BB, 6 K), allowing just one hit and fanning four.  He also picked a man off of first, a skill that should not go undervalued.  All things being equal, if he puts up equivalent numbers to another contender, he will go to AAA, but, if he outshines his peers, do not believe that the Tribe will just send him on his way.

Left Of CenterMatt LaPorta (.176) continued inching back into contention with a solid double today.  He's going to need to build on his recent success and show more power if he expects to have a realistic chance.  Felix Pie (.188) was a quiet 0-for-3 and needs to start hitting as well. 

Somewhere Out ThereAaron Cunningham (.238) was your left fielder for all nine innings.  Yeah, he went hitless in four trips, including a punch out.  Guy needs to show us something if he wants to play on the big stage. 

Bench MeJose Lopez got the day off.

Mightier Than the Sword:  Not today.

Tribe/ChiSox @ 4:05p tomorrow.  Tune in on STO.

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