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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Girl 03.20.12 - Bryce Dallas Howard

She's so anomalous.  Her dad is freaky.  She's better looking as a blond.  But, hells yeah, she's hot.

While I Was Sminking...

Yeah, so for those of you who might have forgotten or never paid the fuck attention, I sometimes skew my perceptions via the ingestion of intoxicating spirits.  Generally, that makes for an awesome time in the moment, but an abysmal recovery period.  After a deep pass with the creature, I become incredibly depressed.  The status quo is that I care very little for the world around me and the resultant chemical withdrawal leaves me unable to disregard the despair.  So yeah, when the high holidays come on down, there might be some gaps.  For now, strap yourselves in, a lot happened whilst I was in my stupors.

(1)  How Sweet It Is!

Hailing from a city that has not won a championship in 48 years, cheering my soul out for a team that has seen futility for a decade more than that and an alma mater that was, at best, an afterthought in the NCAA, this is particularly heartening.  So to every asshole that told me that I was picking with my heart when my brackets had the 'Cats in the round of 16, grab a handful of broken glass and go fuck yourselves.

Bobcats/Wolverines Highlights

Bobcats/Bulls Highlights

Cats Chat

(2) Just In From the Desert -

We're just gonna cover the broad strokes...

Hot Corner:  Defensive ability suggests that Jack Hannahan (.222, HR, 5 RBI, .667 OPS) should be seen as the leader over Lonnie Chisenhall (.231, 3 RBI, .490 OPS, 10/26 K/AB), but Manny Acta insists that this battle will not be decided until the last day of camp.

#5Jeanmar Gomez went four scoreless innings against the Dodgers today allowing just one hit (on a Russ Canzler misplay in left).  That's 11 total for the spring with an OBA of .114.  While we cannot expect this kind of production during the regular season, it cannot be disregarded in his candidacy for the fifth starter spot.  Scott Barnes, the only other pitcher with comparable stats (7 IP, 0 R, .200 OBA, 0.86 WHIP), has been removed from competition.  The other "contenders" - David Huff (5.73 ERA, .311 OBA, 1.45 WHIP), Kevin Slowey (5.63, .359, 1.88) & Zach McAllister (4.50, .292, 1.33) - have simply not delivered on the same level as Gomez.

Left Of Center:  Although Shelley Duncan's batting average (.217) is low, he leads the team with 3 bombs and is far in front with 10 RBI, not to mention his .966 OPS.  Matt LaPorta (.188, 1 RBI, .445 OPS) has shown no desire to showcase himself for this position, while Felix Pie (.158, .516) has done even less (other than running into a wall).

Somewhere Out ThereRuss Canzler continues to hit (.355), except that he has just one double in the XBH column and his OPS is an underwhelming .799 for a guy with such a high BA.  Also, he is not real slick in the field.  Aaron Cunningham (.208, .500 OPS) remains in competition only because the Indians gave up talent to get him and he is out of options.  I have no idea why Ryan Spilborghs is hanging around.  His offensive numbers (.214, .531, plus a .768 career OPS with home games at Coors Field) are shit and, despite the fact that some seem to believe that he is an asset defensively, the rTot/yr is awful at every spot (-11 LF, -16 CF, -12 RF)!  He is an asset exactly nowhere!  Ezequiel Carrera has already been outrighted to AAA and god help us if they take Fred Lewis (.214, .675).

Bench Me:  I will keep updating Jose Lopez's statistics until Acta officially announces that the former all-star has made the team.  Currently - .417, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 1.231 OPS, 1/24 K/AB

Mightier Than the SwordFrank Herrmann (6.43 ERA) has rebounded from an horrific first appearance to allow just one run in his last 6 innings.  Given his leg up entering the process, he is likely in.  Nick Hagadone (1.29 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 0 BB) and Jeremy Accardo (1.80 ERA) have also looked good.  I would consider Dan Wheeler (12.00 ERA, .444 OBA, 2.50 WHIP) and Chris Ray (12.86 ERA, .382 ERA, 2.29 WHIP) dead in the water.  The complication comes from the Perez boys.  Neither Chris nor Raffy has thrown a single inning yet this spring.  If Rafael is out, then Hagadone is obviously the 2nd lefty.  If both are sidelined, things become very interesting with even Wheeler and Ray getting new life.  Remember Chris Seddon (3.38 ERA, 7/5.1 K/IP) as a dark horse.

Red Tags: Carrera, Juan Diaz, Hector Ambriz, Michel Hernandez, Corey Kluber

(3)  I missed a bunch of pretty girls, but I'm not going to post like 5 sets all at once.  Instead, here is a set of the only chick on the hottest women of Irish descent list whom I have yet to post.  Y'know cuz this all happened (or didn't) because of St Pat's...

4)  Here's a trailer for a neat new Tim Burton flick that is chock fulla hot broads.  US Law compels me not to say which one I think is the best.  ;-j

Opens 05.11.12

5)  oh, OK.  I was gonna have to post these eventually.  Enjoy the KKK action.  I'll see y'all real soon.  Cheers.